1. Hello, I am a junior in high school and today I went on a job shadow in the NICU (b/c that is my area of interest). When I was talking to the nurses the majority of them told me NOT to be a nurse b/c you have to work holidays, weekends, nights, tough to get vacation, not very flexible anymore, bad pay & too much work (high work load of patients), lack of respect (by doctors and public), that you can contract diseases very easily & it is even possible if you wear a gown, gloves, and mask, also they said that nursing school was awful and if they knew that was how nursing school was that would have never become a nurse. When I asked them if they went back in time if they would become a nurse all over again and most of them said NO!!!! I have been so excited to become a nurse ever since I was in 8th grade but now I am lost and confused and don't know what I should do. Any insight at all would help. If you would be willing to be an e-mail buddy or have any comments please e-mail me at shannon@mckillion.com
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  3. by   susanmary
    Daisy, how did YOU feel in the NICU? What did you think of the babies, the technology? If the nurses had not told you the negatives, how different would your attitude be right now?

    Don't let their comments sway you. Go back and shadow again -- perhaps a different unit, different facility. Do your research, talk to your guidance counselor, and go back and job shadow. Can you work as a nurses's aide or volunteer? This might give you a closer view of nursing -- summer's coming -- go back.

    Follow YOUR dreams. Good luck. You sound wonderful. We certainly could use you in nursing. Do what's right for you.
  4. by   fergus51
    Ditto with susammary! A lot of what they said is true (we're going to have to work holidays until people stop getting sick on them!) but I would do it all over again. If you really love nursing, you can find it to be an excellent career.
  5. by   mother/babyRN
    As everyone has mentioned, you must NEVER let ANYONE talk you out of a dream....It is tough but it is worth it..If you are supposed to be a nurse, you will be one..There are so many people who will be around someday who will need a GREAT nurse like YOU to take care of them! Nursing isn't for everyone, but you will never know if you don't give it a try....
  6. by   Mary Dover
    Daisy, I'm in agreement with everyone else here. Lots of nurses seem dissatisfied with their jobs, and may verbalize their feelings in what sounds like a negative way. But we are just like everyone else - everyone has choices. The nurses you were in contact with that day, unfortunately chose to express some of the down side, stuff that was from their own individual perspectives.

    You are so blessed to already have some idea of what career you want to pursue. And the really great thing about nursing, is that so MANY options are available. If you get bored, tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, even your interests may change - things that could happen in any career, you would still have the nursing degree, which opens doors to many other areas of the profession. Believe me, not all nursing jobs are positions that have conditions like the ones that were described to you. ANY job has it's negatives. But when you can wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, feel good about who you are, and what you do - and KNOW that even if in a small way, you have made someones world a better place - then it's all worth it. Hang in there young lady. You've got a bright future ahead of you!
  7. by   at your cervix
    I am a firm believer that life is what you make it. When I first became a nurse, I was told that there were a few of the MD's that were very rude to the nurses, would do anything to contradict them, would never do anything if it was the nurses idea, were unfriendly and unpersonal, etc. I decided then and there that I would not allow them to be rude to me, therefore, I killed them with my kindness, I was respectful when other nurses weren't, I asked them about their families, vacations etc, (even though other nurses never would). Well to make a long story short, I now get a long with all of those MD's very well, we are on a first name basis and they respect me and my opinions. So, the moral of the story is, don't let other people tell you how miserable your life can be, make the most of it!!!!
  8. by   rnoflabor2000
    Follow your dreams.....
  9. by   shay
    Shannon/Daisy...whatever your real name is....listen, don't let those NICU nurses discourage you. You poor thing...I'm so sorry they said that stuff to you.

    Look, all nurses have crabby days and days when they hate their jobs, but that doesn't mean the job is horrible and you should avoid it at all costs. Some nurses (myself) really love their jobs most days, and don't regret our career choice. Yes, it's a physically and mentally demanding job....of course it is. But you already knew that and yet you still want to be a nurse, and that says a lot about you. We need more young women like you to come into nursing with enthusiasm and passion, which is what it truly takes to do this job, more than clinical skills or a specialized degree. You have to love what you do and have a passion for your job...THAT will get you through the difficult days.

    Nursing isn't easy, but it's a rewarding career that challenges you every single day and if it's what you really want, GO FOR IT, regardless of what any old crabby battle axe NICU nurse says. Okay? Come here to talk to US any time!!
  10. by   JenniferNRN

    As others have said, please go back and see how YOU feel about the unit...not how the nurses feel. People get burned out or become nurses for the wrong reasons and they are then destined to hate their jobs. When I started, I also got a lot of, "Why did you want to be a nurse? Didn't know what you were getting into, huh?" or "Get out now while you have a chance." I thought that was so sad when they should be encouraging others to join their profession. I'm so glad I never listened because I love being a nurse. There is nothing else like it.

    You know what you want to do so do it! I believe that nursing is a calling, and you seem to have that calling. Those are the type of people we need in our profession.

    I also agree that if you can respect the doctors and show them that you know your stuff, most of them will respect you and your opinions.

    Hope you will not give up. Good luck!
  11. by   nurseshn
    I have'nt even taken my first class yet and I'm nervous but i do know with God all things are possible and as someone stated earlier....if you were meant to become a nurse you will become one and be a great one. So sorry about that experience at the hospital,give it another try.
  12. by   nurseshn
    Originally posted by nurseshn
    I have'nt even taken my first class yet and I'm nervous but i do know with God all things are possible and as someone stated earlier....if you were meant to become a nurse you will become one and be a great one. So sorry about that experience at the hospital,give it another try.
  13. by   mother/babyRN
    PLEASE, if you haven't already done so, go buy "Chicken Soup for the Nurses Soul." You will see a part of the nurse you want to be and some day will be in each and every story. If you identify with any one of them, you will know...Bring tissues.....