Denver area experienced RN BSN job outlook

  1. I've been reviewing some of the other threads, but wanted updated opinions. My husband and I would like to relocated to the Denver area in July/August. I know the market is a bit saturated especially for new grads. However, I have 1+ year experience in mother/baby and will have 6 months (I know it's not much) in L&D when we relocate. We won't be able to move unless I secure a job beforehand. Do people do phone interviews or are they unlikely to even consider me due to the distance/competition? How does the market look in this area with RN, BSN with a bit of experience? I was thinking I'd contact nurse recruiters as well. Thanks ahead of time
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  3. by   klone
    With a BSN and 1+ years of experience, I think your chances would be excellent here. I am always seeing job postings for L&D/Mother-baby at various hospital sites. I know for certain that Denver Health is currently hiring nurses for L&D and their triage department.
  4. by   Satori77
    You might want to post this in the Colorado forum for more replies. But I agree about Denver Health. They seem to have openings, and I hear lots of good things about them from my father (an employee, but not a nurse). But with a BSN and experience, you definitely have a better chance than a diploma nurse and/or new grads. Good luck!