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I'll try not to write a book here, but it's kind of a long story. Part of my job is perinatal bereavement counseling. On our floor, we see IUFD's, stillborn, and neonatal deaths usually > 20... Read More

  1. by   Curious1alwys
    As a mother who recently miscarried at 12 weeks I want to say THANK YOU for what you are doing. My miscarriage changed me forever, in much the same way that watching a loved one die of cancer changes you. I would have never thought that it would have been so hard. These moms are experiencing not only the loss of their babies but a loss of their relationship with their bodies as well. Everything is spinning out of your control when all you want to do is have some control. It is very frustrating and most people blow it off like it is nothing when it takes much longer to "get over it", mentally AND PHYSICALLY than most people think. You can only understand if you have been there but it is people like you that make the world so much better!

    Your compassion is very much appreciated. I wish you success!:spin:
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  2. by   dansmom6
    Thanks again for everyone's support. I also posted this on ER's page & got a couple (not many negative) replies basically telling me that it wouldn't work & no-one would follow thru, and that most people wouldn't want anything to to with this. I know it's right & if I can help one person like thrashej then all of it is SO WORTH IT!!!!

    Just had a pretty trying night at work & I wanted to tell you how much your support means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. by   Medic/Nurse
    I am very moved by your dedication and compassion. I think that your facility and patients are very BLESSED to have you!

    I agree that the ED (every ED) needs "something" in place to assist these patients. The amount of "assistance" may vary - but should be directed on the need of the individual.

    I've been involved in a situation of two (in the <20 weekers) that were just horrifying. The most vivid involved a teen (not seen a MD yet for the pregnancy) in NAD who reported being 10 weeks/vag bleeding and said she had the "baby" in a WalMart bag. I was getting slammed in triage and she was my less sick patient and I was trying to get a pelvic bed free. Well, I did get one free 3 hours in and sure enough THE BABY WAS IN THE BAG. It was about 18 weeks and appeared perfect. I felt sick - not sure what I could have done differently, but I would have begged Women's Care/OB to find an spot for this kid and then we could work out the care "details". Lesson Learned.

    These are potentially fragile patients. I am always mindful that when the tough stuff happens, the patient will remember OUR response FOREVER.

    Thank you for all that you are doing to make our practice as THERAPEUTIC as possible.