course for ob nurses

  1. i just finished up a two and 1/2 day course called also. advanced life support in obstetrics. it was designed for family drs. doing ob and ob rotations during their residencies. although i think some of the info. was not totally relevant for nurses, it was a very interesting course and i got to learn a lot more about things i had only a cursory knowledge of, like untrasound and lab stuff esp. in early pregnancy. they showed us tips for doing a breech vag delivery (which no one around here does anymore), vacuum assist, and forceps. it was pretty cool, even though a lot of these weren't "nurse skills", i feel like i got a lot out of it. i also did well on the written and practical testing portions and i think a lot of other nurses would too. there were only 3-4 nurses in the class of approx. 35-40. so if you work in a rural facilty (like me) w/ no docs or cnm's in house and you have the opportunity, take this class.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Sounds very worthwhile imenid. Who puts this one on? AWHONN?
  4. by   imenid37
    actually it's sponsored by the american academy of family practice. you can check for the dates and places it's offerred.
  5. by   obtnt
    hey, that breech delivery experience may not be "done" anymore but it sure "happens", if ya know what I mean!! It was great that ya got the experience because if you stay in long enough, it WILL come in one night, just when you least expect it!! Consider yourself lucky you now know what to do!!
  6. by   imenid37
    i have to agree. that's exactly what i thought. we have lots of multip mennonite gals in our area. one night, one is bound to come in fully and ready to push.
  7. by   imenid37
    oops, i hit return too soon. i had never seen a breech vag delivery, so i was really grateful for the opportunityto practice in case the situation ever comes up. they told me i did well w/ the forceps and vac., as i have seen those literally hundreds of times. working at night, i've noticed our little dr. friends are often anxious to resume their beauty sleep.