Couple of quick questions

  1. A couple of quick questions...
    I am wanting to become a nurse and would love to work in the NICU or LDRP. However, I have a couple of things to ask you all.
    1. Would it be easy for me to get a job in the NICU right after school? Would you reccommend me getting my ADN or BSN?

    2. Are you require to work holidays? Is there anyway to get out of it (weekends only, etc) How do they decide which holidays you have to work?

    3. How many days a month are you required to work to keep your nursing license current?

    4. Can you work split shift with another nurse because I want to stay home with my kids (once I have some...thinking far into the future

    5. Are there any nursing schools in Oregon or Washington you would reccommend me applying to?

    Thanks for all your help!!!!!!
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  3. by   fergus51
    You can get in as a new grad, but you increase your chances if you do a practicum in the area you want to get hired in. If you have the time and money I would get the BSN right away as some hospitals are starting to put "BSN prefered" in some of their adds.

    As for holidays, we all work our share of them. The way it works here is we split the holidays (I work Xmas, I get New Years off, I work Thanksgiving, I get Easter off, etc.). If there is a conflict about who wants what holiday off then seniority rules.

    How many days a month you have to work to maintain your liscence is determined by your state's board of nursing.

    I do know nurses who split shifts. You can also work part time, casual or per diem or agency (if you get on as agency you don't have to work holidays or any other day you don't want to). I think nursing does offer a lot of flexability for mothers.

    No idea on schools....
  4. by   shay
    Ditto what fergus said.