Could I be pg, or is it all in my head?!?

  1. Hello all,

    I've been trying to find the answers, but I'm just not sure. Here lately, I have had baby fever. I can't help it, when 4 women in my department are pg! One lost the baby, the second one is due any day now, the third is due next month, and the 4th is due in two months. Of course I sit around them ALL! I'm 32 and would LOVE to be pg. However, I had weight loss surgery in December 2002, and not sure if I'd even be able to do this. We were planning to start a family about this time next year, when we're both 12-14 months post-op.

    Here's how I've been feeling and at first I thought I was just tired from a busy 4th of July holiday. That's now over two weeks ago, and I'm still tired! My boobs are very tender, I get tired easy, have been nauseated, not a lot, but some here recently. I'm sensitive too, and still about two weeks away from starting. I'm's just not cool enough. Granted I'm in Texas, but as I sit in my living room in a tshirt and panties, I'm still hot! My feet feel swollen. I took a home pregnancy test Friday and that was negative. I'm still almost two weeks away from starting so I'll retest around that time. I already had an appointment scheduled with my ob/gyn for August 7th to discuss b/c options. I know he'll test me at that time. A major concern for me is that I take dilantin everyday. I have an appointment with my neurologist the same day as my ob/gyn appointment.

    I feel like a fool for posting this message, but I don't know what else to do. Well, besides wait. I just do not feel like "me". Having never been pg, I have nothing to compare it to either. some of my WLS friends have suggested low iron, thyroid and pg. I didn't share with all of them about the other systems...just the tiredness. Would love to hear your opinions...please.

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  3. by   Anagray
    the fastest way to end the suspense is to take a pregnancy test.
    My tests were positive each time a week before my peroid was due.
    good luck!
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Could be any hormonal shift/imbalance causing you to feel as you do. Could be psychological; I know when I was trying to get pg, I manifested MANY pg symptoms w/o actually being pg. Best way to tell is get a blood test ASAP. IF negative, then you need to get a good checkup to rule out other imbalances/irregularities. Please discuss with your doctor a plan if you are wanting to become pg; e.g. getting off dilantin, taking vitamins (which you SHOULD be doing anyhow, after your surgery), esp. FOLATE, and getting yourself in the best possible physical shape for pregnancy BEFORE YOU CONCEIVE! If you are pregnant, discuss NOW discontinuing any drugs/therapy, other day to day activities that would potentially bring harm to a fetus. NO cleaning kitty boxes, eating undercooked meat, etc. You know the drill.

    I don't know what form of birth control you are using; I know nothing about your history, so it's quite impossible for me to say if I think you are pregnant or not. The obvious thing is to get tested if you feel you may be. START TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF REALLY WELL NOW, even if you are NOT pregnant. I wish you the best, whatever the outcome and I hope you are healthy!