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Was curious from the cord clamping discussion in the birth plan thread. So did a little search... for anyone interested Which reminds me.... I was watching "birthday" on discovery health... Read More

  1. by   keeper
    I'm glad to see our experience with cord clamping was not a fluke. It would be interesting to see what a study would produce about jaundice if some are seeing the opposite of what is expected.

    I'm not buying into the autism theory either. I know there has been a big increase in recent years, but early cord clamping has been going on for much longer.

    ......Oh, and I've always wondered about people who collect cord blood and spend money to have it "preserved" so they can harvest the stem cells in the event of future illness, without any evidence that it will be usable in the future. Wouldn't all those wonderful stem cells do more good in the baby they were intended for....directly after birth? I know I don't know enough about stem just always felt like that didn't make sense.
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  2. by   OB/GYN NP
    Good link, 4 birds. Interesting article. I was the one (there may have been others also) who posted about the delayed cord clamping in the other thread. I really hadn't researched this issue at all, but just recalled that study that said delayed cord clamping could lead to jaundice. Great to see that other nurses have not seen this to be true. Maybe another thing that takes too long to wait for, so we'll make up some rationale for clamping right away? I too am more than a little skeptical about the whole autism thing. That's pure speculation, and is another instance of trying to instill fear in people to get a desired response. And you're right, Fergus, who would sign up to be in a study that would show what's the best for their child, at the risk of being in the group that does what's NOT best for their child? However, studies can be done where Docs and midwives do whatever they would normally do, and the outcomes are studied after-the-fact. Patients are placed into groups according to what's already been done. None of their care is purposely changed for the purposes of the study. It would be interesting to see the results! Anyone have to do a research project?
  3. by   dawngloves
    Oh this all makes me nuts! If cord clamping, MMR vaccines and C/S all cause autism, why isn't 99.9% of the world autistic???!!