CLC course from - what is it like?

  1. I'm in a 2 year ADN program and about to graduate at the end of April. I have a huge passion for women's services and know I want to work in that area, whether it be L&D, post/antepartum, or possibly as a IBCLC eventually.

    I begin precepting in OB next week and have been told by my instructor who spoke with the head of the department that there will likely be a job opening by the time I graduate. She was told that if I do a good job, they could potentially hire me. I have limited OB experience outside of what I gain in the preceptorship, so I want to get as much education and as many certifications as I can. New grads aren't hired into this field much, so I want to make my resume look as good as possible and show that I'm serious about working in OB.

    Anyway, my questions are
    • Is it better to get my CLC before graduation, or after?

    • Also, if you have taken the course, what can I expect to do during the 5 days? Lecture mostly? Or active participation? Any projects or just the exam at the end?
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  3. by   LibraSunCNM
    If you have the time before graduation, I'd knock the certification out of the way. You can use it to market yourself for jobs. As far as the course, it is mostly lecture. They had little "homework" assignments for us each of the first 4 days, some of which had to be completed with another member of the class. There was no project, just the final exam. Overall I highly recommend the course to anyone who is going to be working in Maternal/Child health, it helped me a lot!
  4. by   direis09
    I have worked in Women's Health for 15 of my 17 year nursing career. A couple years ago I took the CLC course through Healthy Children and it was very beneficial. They provided current, evidence based information that I have been able to incorporate into my daily practice and share with other staff members. It is a full week and an investment in your nursing career. Another excellent shorter course is Kangaroo Care based on the research of Susie Ludington from Case Western. This additional training should be a big positive addition to your resume for any position in OB. Good Luck!
  5. by   melmarie23
    its pretty intense and very thorough, in-depth, and up-to-date on current evidence. Most of it is dydatic, but you do break into small groups and act out counseling scenarios. Then there is an exam at the end.