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Without going into the whole story of why I'm asking, can dilation shrink? *LOLOL* or can the baby go back up if mom lies down, and the cervix close back around it? If you have seen this,... Read More

  1. by   cassioo
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    Thanks for all the feedback!

    Also, what causes the cervical swelling - I mean, is it just the general pressure and trauma that does it to some people and/or are there certain situations that are going to predispose to swelling?
    Presentation can cause swelling but also agressive checking of a cervix that's not very dialated (like 4-5 cm) and trying to manipulate it too much. I'm all for keep your hands out of the mix because does it really matter if someone is 4 or 5 or 5 or 6? I only check if mom is requesting pain medication or feeling more pressure, if the baby tells me to (increased early variables) SROM, and the ever popular doctor calls and wants to know how far things are (so he can go do something else)
  2. by   NoTime2P
    I wll give my take here too. Hi to all by the way! Many things can come into play, for instance, in multiparous women the baby will not remain at the same station until sometimes 2nd stage. More background info would be wonderful, also what probably has happened here is the actual dilitation was the lesser of the numbers, but was being stretched by an examiner or a contraction and bulging membranes. Only other way i can think of is the swelling as mentioned above. If the patient begins to push prematurely (whether volutary or involuntary) the cervix can swell, this can also be a side effect of pitocin. Either way, I know it is maddening to all involved. I remember when I was about a year out of school, checking my paitent and calling all in for delivery, even doc...he said she was only 2 cm! She was VERY posterior and completely effaced, could feel suture lines and all...(I WAS HORRIFIED).
  3. by   ElvishDNP
    I have seen it happen in early pretermers with BBOWs. A few months ago we had a lady maybe 27ish weeks that was 5cm and BBOW. They threw her into Trendelenburg & kept her there for a couple weeks and she slowly went back down to about 2-3 and the BOW went back in. She still PROMed but made it to about 34 weeks if I remember it correctly.
  4. by   queenjean
    I've seen a few situations of reverse dilation; I don't know if I could ever directly attribute it to fear/tenseness, but I've felt/experienced other parts of people's bodies tense up--veins when inserting an IV, urethras when inserting foleys, so why not a little reverse dilation? A doc I once worked for did oral surgery (complete with multiple tooth extraction et implants) on someone who hypnotized themselves instead of anesthesia--it was a pretty cool thing to see, and I couldn't really wrap my mind around it. It made me rethink my position on the mind-body connection.

    I think it can also occur if mom's in a different position when checked (hands and knees vs squatting vs lithotomy, for example). ROM, baby changing position, checking with or between contractions, full bladder, and change in practitioner can all result in variance in dilation.

    I've never seen anyone ice a cervix, but I've read about it. I cannot fathom anyone sticking an icy glove in my vagina ever, but especially when I'm in labor. I would probably not be able to tolerate it.

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