Bradley V. Hypnobirth

  1. I'm looking at giving birth at the local birth center and am exploring my natural childbirth options. The center offers a Bradley method class, but I don't know necessarily if it would be a good fit for dh and me. He's not very intuitive or assertive when it comes to me. If I would say I feel like I can't do it. His response would be, "Ok let's go to the hopsital and get you meds." He wouldn't be being flip or glib. He is just always for the easiest solution to make me feel better the fastest. He feels kind of left out with the whole pregnancy and birth thing. I guess he feels that it's all up to me because I'm the one carrying the baby and giving birth. He feels like a highly revered observer, I guess.

    Back to the subject at hand, can anyone guide me to any websites or other references comparing the two methods or at least ones giving me detailed information on each.? Please feel free to share your own experiences (personal or work related) too.


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  3. by   Almabella
    First of all, congrats!

    I'm delivering at a hospital that offers water birth. Unfortunately, no birthing centers in my area, or that would have been my first option.

    My husband and I are taking a general hospital based birthing course that includes a little bradley, a little lamaze, and a lot of general pregnancy/birth/medical intervention during labor information. The latter is a little disappointing since I prefer a natural birth. But I do like the fact that the class is very informative for my husband, who is very receptive to learning about pregnancy/birth and up till now didn't know much about the topic.

    In addition to the planned water birth I am doing prenatal yoga (taking a class--very helpful!) and I just bought the following book:

    HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method: A natural approach to a safe, easier, more comfortable birthing (3rd Edition) (Paperback) Author Marie Mongan

    Link at Amazon:

    I just started reading last night. It comes with a cd but I haven't had a chance to listen yet. I would love to take a class but can't afford it with the other classes we're taking.

    Let me know what you decide! Good luck!
  4. by   NurseyBaby'05
    I hear ya about the cost factor. One Hypnobirth class I was looking into around here was $450.00. It's also twelve hours total. The Bradley Method class offered by the birth center is $250.00, but it's only for four hours and then they send you home with the materials. I know how I learn and I need the reenforcement that in person teaching offers. I'm not too disclplined when I have to learn on my own. I wonder if insurance will cover the cost. Yeah, right! I'll talk to one of the midwives @ my next appointment I guess and go from there. I guess I better sign up for overtime a few times this month to cover whichever class I decide on. Thanks!
  5. by   tinyscrafts
    a four hour bradley class???? there is something terribly wrong with that. they are supposed to be 12 WEEKS long. if instructors get speciall permission they can make them 10 or 11 but it's a huge deal to the bradley academy people. If she's legit, i'd probably report that.

    I think a good bradley class (instructors vary) woudl be very good for your husband to learn assertiveness and communication

    or you could also look into or they have a homestudy program...

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