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Not long ago received a elder primip in labor. She arrived with a substantial birth plan and every intention of enduring a natural labor and delivery. She ended up with two nurses and at 1 cm told us... Read More

  1. by   Jamesdotter
    Quote from bam_bam
    Sort of OT but who else hates the term "elderly primip"?



    I was 31 and I did not feel "elderly" :chuckle .
  2. by   CHATSDALE
    one problem with 'elderly' parents is that they believe the idea that labor 'pains' are not really pains if they have mind over matter..that it is a myth that weak people give in to..then comes reality
    another reality is a baby when they use best 'i am in control here tone of voice' you will stop crying now
    babies really respond to that