1. I was in the Navy!. I got out not long after I got married. Working full time was not going to work with a family for me.

    I was stationed in Long Beach. Helped to close the hospital. Then, transferred to Guam where I learned OB nursing in a trial by fire. I was just curious to where all you have been stationed. I loved my Navy experience. How long have you been in?

    Now, working in the civilian world, I have noticed that the Navy, at least where I worked, held best to safe and appropriate staffing.

    I delivered my first child in San Diego at the Mothership of the West Coast Navy!

    If you don't want to answer this here, you can pm me. Unless you don't want to answer at all!
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  3. by   Andrew_LandD
    Hey! It is always good to cross others that have the same experiences.

    I am still in the Navy, my 12th year. Although, I did 6 before going to college on subs.

    Talk about trial by fire, I know what you mean. That is one thing the Navy has no problems doing, putting the hot prod at your behind and making you learn learn learn. I have been back and forth across the country.

    Bremerton, Wa.
    Groton Ct.
    Newport, RI.
    back to Bremerton, Wa.
    and now in California. (In the desert with another branch of the Navy.)

    I am at a deciding point in my career right now, make LT next May, but next May is also the end of my obligated service. Hmm. Have already been offered a GS position back in Bremerton. (Home town.) But a retirement would be nice as well. I have moonlighted in civilian hospitals and they sure can scare me. You arent kidding about staffing ratios and the Navy. I thought we had alot to whine about, but when I do moonlight, EEEK!

    Good to hear from another Navy member.

    Take care.

  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Andrew, Ya gotta LOVE WA State. We are military, here, too with hopes of retiring here. Good luck in your decision process.
  5. by   NurseyNursey
    I had a friend that was stationed where you are now, if you are where I think you are.:chuckle I went to visit her while I was in LB.

    I got out as a LT. I am IRR. I might do reg reserves when my kids are a little older. I have 3 that are 4 and under!

    When were you in Bremerton? I have a good friend that PCS'ed there from Guam in July ish of '95. He was my L&D mentor.