Am I just being too optimistic?

  1. I live in a small southern town. There are currently no midwives working in my immediate area. The residents at the local hospital and 3 OBs give the prenatal care. I know of at least one woman who was told midwifery is illegal in our state and therefore, she would be unable to obtain midwifery care.

    So, my question is has anyone "brought" midwifery care to an area before?

    Is anyone a pioneer for your area?


    Am I being incredibly naive and idealistic to think I can actually develop a practice here?

    Currently, I am working on pre-reqs for RN school and teaching childbirth classes.
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  3. by   marilynmom
    I dont have any advice but want to say go for it!

    Women need more birthing options!

  4. by   LuvsOB
    I was wondering the same thing. My hospital has 3 family practice docs who deliver, and 2 ob-gyns. The closest nurse midwife is 3 hours away. We have some lay midwives who do home births but they have no formal education and are not permitted to deliver in the hospital.

    I'm considering going to Frontier school of midwifery. I'd like to be a CNM with certification as a womens health nurse practitioner. Most of the program can be done online. The MSN portion is through case western reserve. All the clinicals are done in your own community with a preceptor. The only catch is it has to be a certified nurse midwife and we don't have any. Also I don't know if my hospital / docs would be receptive.