Abortions on PP vs L&D - page 2

Anyone have any say on this? Is one better than the other? Is there a protocol? What about delivering a fetus w/o a physician present on PP? Looking for feedback.... Read More

  1. by   HazeK
    All patients who are laboring are on L&D at my hospital.
    This includes stillbirth, inevitable abs, or medically indicated terminations.

    Regardless of my personal,professional, or religious beliefs....

    All moms deserve a qualified labor and delievery nurse!
    We qualify stillbirth, inevitable abs, or medically indicated terminations as "high risk", not only because of possible complications, and because the nurse commonly ends up doing the delivery herself, but because of the "Intensive Psycho-social Care" these families need!

    Would have to recommend a change in hospital policy to get these patients off antepartum/postpartum floors during their labors!

    After delivery, usually discharge directly to home so they do not have to experience transfers, new staff, etc. ...... unless medically indicated for them to stay. THEN they go do medical floors for further Tx.