2 years pp or 1 year pp, 1 yr L&D?

  1. Career move question:

    I have been doing mom/baby for a year and LOVE it. Before that, I did Oncology for a year (at 2 different hospitals) so really my resume shows 've had 3 jobs in 2 years.

    My husband is moving out of state and I have been job hunting to go with him. The problem is most places are looking for L&D/pp experience, not just mom/baby. I've decided to stay behind until I find a position in our new state.

    Is it better to stay where I am until I get 2 years' expeience in pp, to show I am consistent or try to transfer to L&D for 1 year to open up other opportunities? Would 1 year pp, 1 year L&D be enough experience? thoughts?

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  3. by   brownbook
    IMO, 1 year L&D is worth 10 years PP only. Get whatever L&D experience you can.
  4. by   nohika
    Depends where you're moving, I guess.

    Here at the hospital I volunteer at the PP/LD nurses are one and the same - they work both units, depending on where the unit manager feels like putting them that night. So maybe you'll end up cross-trained.
  5. by   DC Collins
    In a similar vein to the post above, can you Ask to be cross-trained, working some shifts in each?
  6. by   satguruRN
    At our hospital L&D can float to our unit, but they don't cross-train us to go to L&D, unfortunately I would need to talk to my manager, see if she's ok w transferring me to L&D- if they're hiring! The depts are run by two different managers.