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So i was watching an older episode of Babies: special delivery the other day. IT was focusing on some hospital in Texas. I don't know what city. It said they did 16,000 deliveries a year! 16,000... Read More

  1. by   htrn
    I work at the only hospital in the county that delivers babies - we had a record month in August - 59 Babies

    And we thought we were hopping:wink2:
  2. by   texas-rn-fnp
    Methodist at the medical center in San Antonio does 1,000+ per month with 40 LDRs.

    On the other side I have worked at a place that onyl did 30 deliveries a month but was very disorganized and inefficient. Those 30 seemed like a lot. It is not what you do but how you do it and how you use the resources that you have.
  3. by   AgentR
    My hospital does almost 12,000 a year. I'm a new RN so I can't picture it any other way. :P
  4. by   USA987
    We do 200 deliveries per month just north of Chicago...my Team leader's sister just delivered down in Atlanta at Northside...she loved their pod's...something like 6 labor rooms per pod with 3 RN's per pod + a team leader who covered breaks and if one pt. when to complete....she said it ran like a finely oiled machine!
  5. by   Kinky Slinky RN
    Well, I was just offered a position at Parkland's ER and L/D on 10/05/06... The L/D had 15,590 deliveries in 2005... the 2nd busiest SINGLE hospital in the world... the first busiest being a hospital in India... the hospital in Atlanta that had 18,000.. well thats actually like a GROUP of hospitals that they count their deliveries together.. so its not actually 18,000 at ONE single hospital like parkland... Parkland is a VERY VERY VERY busy place... It was even on Good Morning America one time.. they were counting how many deliveries there were while they were on the air... They deliver anywhere from 30-50 babies per day.... BUSY Place with LOTS of experience!! Oh, and yes they still do have the low risk birth wing ran strictly by midwives... it's a neat place =)
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  6. by   LKG6
    Quote from KiNKy sLiNkY
    Oh, and yes they still do have the low risk birth wing ran strictly by midwives... it's a neat place =)
    And I was lucky to observe there this semester. Very cool place.
  7. by   cpearson77
    I work at Northside Atlanta. We actually delivered 18,000 babies last year just at the Atlanta location - more than any hospital in the US. We presently have 36 birthing rooms, 6 pods with 6 beds each and a new addition in the works.

    It is very well run and VERY busy. A great place to see just about everything!
  8. by   sunnyjohn