OB/gyn nursing is what I want to do!


So, I'm finally in my OB/Peds clinical rotation in my nursing school program, and I'm super positive I want to do OB/gyn! I hate medsurg, it's definitely something I don't want to do - people keep saying that we need the clinical experience for 2 years but I keep hearing that there are so many training programs many hospitals offer now where you don't need clinical experience somewhere else. They will just train you for a couple months and you'll be set. I REALLY want to be a baby nurse, it would be so amazing to do.

Are the chances really hard to get a job as a ob nurse right after nursing school???

Also, are the chances higher to get a job outside of the hospital as a OB nurse? either or would be amazing for me! but I'm just wondering what are ways that could increase my chance of getting my dream job as a OB nurse without struggling with medsurg ;-:



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I got straight into it, but, I was working with a doc who delivered at the hospital and he put in a good word. When you do your clinicals, make a good impression. Do your senior practicum in OB, if you learn the ins and outs for free, training you for the job will be that much easier. It's all who you know. If you have your CNA/PCT go be a tech on the floor, you'll have one foot in. I couldn't do anything else, OB/newborn is where it's at!


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I am hoping to do my practicum in OB but you never know what you'll get for practicum. It's so hard to get what you actually want, especially if a lot of people are choosing OB. I have a friend that is a OB/gyn doctor so I'm hoping maybe that could possibly be my ticket in!


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You never know! I know a recent grad who got a job in OB right away!