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Have anyone attended Oakland University "Accelerated Second Degree BSN" program? If so what is your opinion?



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The first class doing the program just started the 12 month program this past Monday. The classes are mostly located in Macomb and not on main campus. You have to take 3 nursing pre reqs after you are admitted and before starting the 12 month program. They have been pretty accomodating so far and the instructors are engaging. They expect a lot of students. The program is set up so we do all the classroom work the first seven weeks and then we do lab/clinical the last seven weeks. It pretty much is a full time job. So far I would say I have a positive opionin of the program. Ask me again tomorrow after I get my first test grade back :).


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Hi TLC, i was wondering about OU's 2nd degree BSN program and did not know how to find someone on this cite to hep me until i read this story about someone trying to sit for their NCLEX exam and a member told them to try the search option at the top right so, i typed OU's program and i saw your post. I will have my 1st bachelor degree in 2012 fall. My mentor is --------. I was wondering about the interview, test and teachers. Do the teachers want you to succeed or do they feel like you either get it or you don't and if you don't then maybe you shouldn't be here. My prerequistes will be completed in Jan of 2012 with just one class to complete Chem 2. I know there is a 1yr waiting list that they do not want a waiting list and are thinking of increasesing the enrollment amount. Can you please enlighten me with any information you may have about the program. Thanks sooo much!!

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