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Hello everyone,,

is is anyone here waiting for their acceptance letter to Oakland community college? Also are there any students here that is currently in the program? I am really pump to get started and is looking for any advice I can receive about the program in general.

Hi! Yes I'm waiting anxiously for my letter as well! Last year my friend got hers at the end of Feb. so I'm hoping we don't have to wait til March 15! Good luck !

Wow,, that would be GREAT!! Is this your first time applying Sarah?

Yes it is my first time applying ! í ½í¸

That's cool. You mentioned you have a friend already in the program, did she tell you how tough it might be? or given you any insight about the program? I ask because I'm anxious as hell. I heard if you are selected for the fall start you can take pharmacology as early as summer(May).

Yup that's right ! Pharma is better to take in in fall if you get selected for winter start because you'll have 15 weeks vs the 7 and a half. My friend said its not too bad it's just a lot and you just have to manage time well and not have too much going on in your life !

I personally hope that I am chosen for the fall,, I work better with 7 week classes. But my name is kelvin btw, I join allnurse to hopefully meet a couple of my soon to be classmates. If we are chosen the next two years of our lives will be difficult and wanted to get to know as much people as I can. Sarah it was nice talking to you, best of luck and plz keep me updated when you get your letter.

Hey there future classmates! I too am waiting not so patiently for my letter. I had heard that some people already received their letters....but it was a rejection letter. So I try to remind myself, no news is good news. Best of luck to you both!

Wait seriously? People started receiving rejections letter already? My nerve just jumped to an all time high lol. Anyway nice to meet you Robert, I'm assuming you're a guy and that brings me joy because I was honestly assuming I might be the only male applying this year lol.

HAHA! I am one of the I'm sure few male nursing students. Are you working anywhere now? I say we form our study groups SOON! lol

Yea I am working at Beaumont Hospital right now, trying to save up as much as I can so I can work less once I'm in the program. For sure we can do that man, how about you? You working anywhere now?

Hey! I'm waiting as well...fingers crossed. Just can't wait to get started. I was told this year 240 people applied and they only can accept 216...so yes they had to send out a few rejection letters. But a lot of the rejections were based off of gpa...3.0 and lower. So if we haven't received one of those letters yet then we are most likely safe.

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