NYU nursing program help!


I am thinking of applying to NYU nursing program for Spring 2014. this summer and Fall i will be at my local community college getting my gpa up and i was wondering if any of you went to or are in the nursing program at NYU now if you could tell me what pre reqs you took before getting in? supposedly theres no required pre reqs to actually get into the program just a GPA of at least 3.2 is that true?


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Are you applying to the accelerated second degree program? I just finished in that program at NYU so that's all I really know about. My understanding is that the following pre-reqs are required to be completed before you can begin any nursing sequence courses:

* Anatomy & Physiology - at most schools this will be two semesters

* Chemistry with lab

* Developmental Psych/Lifespan Psych

* Nutrition

* Statistics

* Microbiology

There's no requirement that you have all completed before you apply or can be accepted, but if you don't have them completed prior to starting then you spend your first semester at NYU finishing the necessary courses. My recommendation would be to get as much as you can done at your community college since the cost at NYU is so much higher.


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You can apply and will be let in conditionally but you must finish all prerequisites before starting any nursing coursework. If I were you, I'd do them at a community college instead of NYU because it's cheaper and probably less challenging.


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thanks for the info! I definitely wanted to get the required pre reqs done at the community college first i just didnt know which ones to take, thank you for your help though and i hope you guys are enjoying the program! i will be applying for the BSN program.


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okay I've applied for nyu for spring of 14', now my question is if I'm accepted into the school do i have to apply for the program as well? or it is direct admission???


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hi! also applied for masters for spring. does anyone know how long the application review takes and when we'll know if we get in or not?