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NYU 15 mos. accelerated prog

Hey all,

I have a quick question is it possible to get accepted to NYU's 15 mos accel. prog. if you still need pre-req's?

ExpatHopeful, LPN, LVN

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yup, i need prereqs and am applying for 2009. it says in the nyu bachelors of science bulletin that:

"[color=#231f20]college graduate students who have not taken the prerequisites required for admission to the 15- month program can still apply for admission to the b.s. program in nursing. if admitted, students will follow an individualized program of study that includes completing the required prerequisites before starting the nursing courses. the average length of full-time study is 2.5 years (five semesters)."

[color=#231f20]another place on their website they say that this will only take two years.

[color=#231f20]of course, if you are just in the process of doing prereqs and will finish them all before starting then you can still do the 15month program and finish in 15.

Congrat Expathopeful!!! :clphnds: Wow I didn't think that was possible. I have a classmate that said she was in and she's still taking lots of classes. Is it very competitive to get into NYU's program. I have to repeat my prereq's bc they expired, besides my u/g is not all that great.But my prereq gpa is very good. Are they stringent with the cutoff.

ExpatHopeful, LPN, LVN

Specializes in Gastroenterology. Has 4 years experience.

Please save the congrats for when I actually get in somewhere!

I think that NYU is pretty competitive. I feel like I saw somewhere on their website that about 30% of applicants are accepted. Sounds competitive enough to me. Probably there are loads of people who want to live in NYC or stay in NYC. I don't know how strict they are about the GPA - have a look at that bulletin I mentioned, maybe it says somewhere in there.


It is possible to get into NYU with pre-reqs still needed to be completed, i'm quite sure that you would have to complete them at NYU since they don't offer deffered admission. I was accepted for Spring 08 and had to complete 1 pre-req and several liberal arts requirements (since i transferred in without a undergrad BA degree). I had to complete those before entering the 15 month accelerated program this Fall (yes, you don't have to have a undergrad degree to take the accerelerated path).

As for the competiveness.... NYU is very competitive (of course every nursing school is). Rough stats for the Fall 08 class are 200 accepted out of 1400 applications, these numbers include traditional freshman, transfers and second degree students.

The difference between NYU and other nursing schools is that NYU is very holistic in their admission process. They don't have a set cut-off for pre-req GPA, most nursing schools put all applicants in descending order from highest GPA to lowest and cut off at the set student number. While a high GPA is an added plus, NYU focuses heavily on the admissions essays. Take your time when you write those. I know of applicants with 3.9 GPA's that were rejected and others (myself included) with good but not prestine GPA's that were accepted (i think mine was around 3.1-3.2)

Hopefully this helps, message me with any other questions or search some of my previous posts. I have written quite a bit on NYU Nursing.

Take Care and the best of luck


wow your message was very helpful, I feel very impressed and motivated to apply to NYU, as a matter of fact it is my number one choice :):yeah::loveya::loveya:

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