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On 12/30/2020 at 8:33 AM, RosieBelle said:

Did anyone get a chance to speak with someone at NYU regarding them accepting prerequisite courses for Fall 2021 entrance?

I just wanted to double check that the language meant I can take classes during Spring and Summer 2021 to fulfill prereq requirements: **DUE TO COVID-19, NYU MEYERS IS ACCEPTING ALL PREREQUISITES TAKEN ONLINE FOR THE Spring AND Summer 2021 SEMESTERS**

I know portage doesn't require, for example, you to complete biol 101 to take their A&P I course. Would NYU still want you to take bio 101?

No they don't require the bio course

Sarah Jiang

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Hi, did anyone who get into the program, get an email on the 8th regarding the orientation? I didn't receive it and I contact the advising, they won't send it to me. 


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Hey! I applied for the Fall 2021 semester. Would anyone like to share how they like the program so far? What would you consider the pros/cons are? Were you able to become close with some people in your cohort? Please share anything! ?

Guest 1170574

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hey there! I'm curious if anyone feels like sharing their experience with the program so far? do you feel like it's worth it? and what do you like or dislike about it? just basically asking the same as @nic.s ?

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