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NYP pharmacology exam


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I am completely aware that this thread has been started before but I noticed that a lot of them are old and NY Presbyterian has changed the format since and I notice that there have not been a lot of responses answering the questions. Now, they don't give you a medication sheet to study from but recommend a 700 page book!!

I was given 5 days to study for the exam and am in desperate need for some more guidance as it's going to be impossible for me to review the whole book in time without a little bit of an idea on what to focus on, what to skip over.

I am pretty solid with calculations and am not worried about that but I am curious about how specific the drugs they question you on is? Is it basic side-effects that they ask a lot on? How about the contraindications? I do know the basic ones that I studied for with the NCLEX but it still worries me because pharmacology was my weakest point when taking my NCLEX.

Please any tips would be helpful!

so what book did your recruiter recommended with you?


Specializes in Oncology. Has 2 years experience.

It was the pharmacology reviews and rationales by prentice hall nursing 2nd edition.

Sorry for digging up this post but I just wanted to know if the study guide helped. Were the drugs common ones?

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