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Hi, I will be a new graduate nurse from the University of Pennsylvania this December. I would ideally like to be in NYC and was wondering if anyone has experience with New Grads in NYC?

I have looked at the NYU nurse residency program however I sadly do not have the GPA to apply.

I am open to any units but particularly love trauma, L&D, ED and peds.

Any info would be great!


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Being a new grad RN is a tough market, especially when out of state. NYC has some great nursing schools, and they often do clinical at the hospitals that you'd probably want to apply to. Since these students are already accustomed to the hospitals and the staff, they would probably be chosen first. Why don't you get some experience in a field you are interested in in PA, and then come here to NYC? You'd have a much higher likelihood of finding a good job.

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Hey, you're an Ivy League grad that should give you at least a 0.5 leg up on your GPA over the regular stups.

But seriuosly folks, the problem with NYC is not getting a job. There's 8 million Nursing Jobs in the naked city.

The problem is finding a place to live.

Notice I didn't say decent place to live for even a small dog house will run you 3-4 thousand a month but that does include roaches but only if someone on rent control dies.

The landlords love death because then they can charge fair market value for their hovels.

So what you end up doing is finding a place in Brooklyn or Queens for only 2.5 thousand a month and that's if you're lucky.

Now you know some of what you're up against. What's your plan? Still sound good?

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Hi there! I do agree that finding a job in NYC will be difficult (as NYC is one of the toughest job markets for new nurses in the country), however, it's still worth a try! I would still apply to all hospitals in the area that you're interested in; just don't limit yourself to NYC. As the PP stated, connections are everything. In addition to applying to NYC hospitals, apply where you have connections, know people who can write you recommendations, etc.

As far as NYC goes, there are a ton of hospitals but not all hire new grads. I'd look into Mount Sinai, NYP, and HSS; I know quite a few people who got jobs there right out of school!