NYC LTCF: Surveyed yet?

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Anyone got this year's survey yet? Care to share outcome ... deficiencies, survey focus, etc.? No need to mention facilty's name.

Got this "so so hot survey" issues....

Did your facility really get hit with any of it?

Relieve your co-LTC nurses the jitters. Preferrably NYC facilities, but other states input more than welcome.

Oh yeah.....we've had our survey....and our re-survey....and our re-re-survey!!!!!

Big issues were SKIN, FALLS and HYDRATION! Just make sure that the care plans are UP TO DATE!!! and that they match the care cards (or whatever it is that the CNA's get their information from).

Also, make usre that if you or your satff don't know the answer to something.....don't say "I don't know." Say, "I'm not sure, but let me find the answer for you." They seem to like honesty a lot more than made up answers!!

Good luck!

We have been waiting survey. Our 15 months is up on Friday. Have heard the hot topics from the central office are pain management, hydration and always fire drills. Deficiency free is rare- I only know 1 facility in my 3 county area who managed that wonderful feat. How much time do you have before you are due?

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