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(NYC) Extremely lost. Need help/advice..

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Hello everyone, it's been a tough couple months. I am extremely lost in my life right now... I want to find a nursing program but I do not know where to go. I was previously in a CUNY nursing program before but I due to unfortunate events; I was not able to continue. Since I am barred from most CUNY programs, I tried to apply to NYU but was unsuccessful there. Here are my stats: 

My previously schools grades were: 2.278GPA

My General Pre-reqs for Nursing: 3.74GPA

Psych1: A-

Dev. Psych: A

AP1: B

AP2: A

Chem: A-

Stat: A-

Micro: A

Nutrition: A

I'm not sure where to go from here. I know my cumulative will not meet the criteria for many of the other schools. I tried to apply to NYU since it did not state a cumulative in their eligibility but was rejected. I do not know where I can do to increases my probability for the next application wave.  I was thinking of volunteering or possibly working in the healthcare field for more experience but I am not sure if that is what it'll take to push my profile forward. 

I am lost. I will take any advice.


I know some people will ask.

With those grades and with you failing out of nursing. Is this what you really want to do? -- Yes it is.

What happened in your first attempt? -- Personally from my viewpoint, I was wrongfully punished at the end of the semester in which I was threatened with a 0 on my final. Which meant I'd be kicked out of the program + barred from CUNY. When that wave passed; they never did anything and I had to take my final with the pressure of receiving a 0 on it. I missed passing my semester by 0.1. I actually failed out due to Psych Nursing, my program makes us take Psych + Medsurg, I was doing fine in Medsurg but my Prof. for psych was atrocious. Even so, it is still my responsibility to flex to the professor so I will take this L. 

Why is your cumulative so low? -- Young, dumb, no direction. etc. Trying to right the wrongs now.

Do you have any professional experience in the health field? -- No, other than my clinical and volunteer experiences. I was thinking about finding a job and volunteering again to try  and see if it'll increase my chances but I am unsure if it will even help. Not sure what to do.. 

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I too had to drop out of a BSN generic track but in the prerequisite stage due to life happening but am now succeeding in a LPN program.. maybe try that route then bridge afterwards like I plan to do.. best of luck

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Maybe try a community college? Many community colleges provided theyre’ accredited are a great choice, at a low cost. 

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I went to a community college. Hard program, fully accredited, and our NCLEX pass rate was 100% for the last 2 years. A friend of mine went through a similar issue. She failed out, but came back the next semester to take psych, sociology, and one more class to boost her GPA. She reapplies, and boom, gets in. She’s almost finished!! Look into other schools. Drive a ways if you must. Boost that GPA. You can do this. Your pre-reqs are good!! See if you can get a letter of recommendation from old professors. Just keep trying!!

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