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NYC ED nursing

Hi all!

So I know this is a very very broad topic to ask, but I am applying to hospitals in the city and I was hoping to get some insight and guidance. I am a new nurse (1 year and 4 months) coming from a level 1 adult trauma center and I believe our pediatric ED is level 2. I've had the privilege of working in both ED's and absolutely love it. I've always wanted to move to NYC. Before I set this in motion however, I wanted to ask how working in NYC and what are some good locations to work at. I have interviews at NYP and St. Lukes Mt. Sinai. Was also highly considering NYU. I still want to work at an institution where I could become a trauma RN but also have room to grow professionally. How are nurses treated in NY? Ratios? Pay? Education opportunities? I know its very broad but any insight and information is valued and greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


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I've been told by 2 different nurses that working in NY sucks due to unsafe staffing ratios and lack of pay. One nurse worked in a prestigious hospital, she said she would have up to 8 patients, some of them ICU patients. That's a lot to keep track of and if anything goes wrong the hospital will throw the nurse under the bus. Why don't you check out the NY section of the forum for sepcifics. If you want staffing ratios, might have to work in CA or another state.


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