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Hi all, I'm a 2 year med/surg RN looking for a FNP program in NY to apply to. It took me a while to decide, but FNP is something I really see myself enjoying after doing some shadowing. I have my BSN from Chamberlain and looking to apply to FNP programs ASAP. I really want to start as soon as possible or at least this year. I see while looking at some schools such as Delhi, Downstate, Malloy, and I think NYU I already missed their deadlines :(. My own fault for taking so long to decide. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any programs in NY that are taking late acceptances? How about online? Hopefully trying to stay local to the LI area, but online options are viable if the program is good and either program will help locate a preceptor.

I've searched extensively regarding online FNP and I'm not too sure about it. I did my RN-BSN online and it was a great expierence to be honest. Nicest, cleanest, clear cut and easiest thing I've done. I did enjoy online classes but I did miss the interaction (not the commute though lol). I understand pass rates and such are good with online programs, but brick and mortar classes I think also offer cool nuances. I still remember my professor doing the decimal slide dance when talking about med math, or even the heart block dance/song for cardiac. Those are great things and teaching points in which I feel I may miss out if I do online but not sure if they're around in NP classes. Just wondering on other thoughts.

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You will find plenty of arguments over B&M vs online here, most of which is strictly opinion argued at the loudest volume possible! lol You have experienced both, so you should be able to make a good decision between the two without further discussion here about it.

I would encourage you to start networking with providers now, as you are looking into programs. First, they may be able to help you with their knowledge of the local programs (and even of online programs that they do precept for or graduated from). Second, the more developed your network is, the more interaction you have with providers, the more they will be willing to help you when you need their help. This could be when you are looking for preceptors if your program takes your input on preceptor selection, or when you are looking for your first job, or just have questions that you need answered by someone you trust.

I found that this practice helped me extensively in my previous career, and has already helped me in many more ways than I imagined it would as I am pursuing this career.

Some online programs stream lectures so you'll still be able to see your professors dancing lol. It seems the trend is to not provide preceptors even at many B and M programs. You need to ask potential programs if they help with that.


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Thanks Zmansc. Who can be my preceptor? I know the Medical Resident Director who does the teaching with the Interns at my facility is an excellent teacher and physcian. Could he possibly be my preceptor along working side by side with the interns and rounding and such?

futureeastcoastNP, that's cool, that some programs stream their lectures. Interesting to see how nursing is really taking advantage of computer and technology to the fullest.

I'm still wondering if they're any programs I can still apply to though it's almost April. If anyone has any Ideas, it would be a great help. Thanks!

Online programs in New York are not allowed unless approved by the state. There are currently only two - frontier and Samford. Frontier has many start dates and a good reputation so you can check them out. Samford seems to be good too from what I've heard and I think the deadline isn't until June. I don't know about schools in NY itself.

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