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My former classmate is leaving for UK tomorrow. She's in a student visa and is valid for 2 years. I think she's going to take an NVQ program there. There's alot of ads here in the philippines about the study while you earn thing.

Can anyone tell me about NVQ programs?

And is there other Fipinos whose under this NVQ programs who can tell me more about this?

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NVQ is National Vocation qualification and generally only useful in the UK many overseas employers will probably not recognise it. Also it will not allow you to stay in the UK once completed and work. immigration to the UK is now getting much tighter and harder if not from the EU to work

Check out the thread in the Philippine forum on working in the UK there are a few good posts

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These qualifications are recognised only in England and Wales, they are not a recognised nursing qualification and will not count as nursing expereince.

As SD has already thread there is a very long thread in the INternational forums about these qualifications it is worth reading. The companies offering them offer all sorts but fail to mention that you will be living on minimum wage in a country where the cost of living is increasing.

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