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I started this thread for those that want to chat, brainstorm and encourage each other through the application cycle.

@AliY my grades were not amazing. I just had everything they required AND reccomended. Also the TEAS but I guess that doesn't apply to applicants right now. 

Bio 141 A

Bio 142 C

PSY230  A

ENG 111 A

SDV 101 A

I also took these which helped:

Bio 150 B

PHI (bio-ethics) A

HLT (pharmacology) A

DIT (nutrition) A

And transfer credit for medical terminology, fitness and wellness, communication, and general biology. 

I got accepted my second time applying. If I can do it, you sure can. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your reply frannie!! Proud of you! After going through this entire thing I have so much respect for everyone who has been accepted it is truly not easy! Prayers and blessings to you!?

Hello to anyone who got accepted into the nursing program at NVCC please if you don’t mind sharing what your grades were and if you had all the coreqs completed? Please! It would mean a lot! Thank you!!

26 minutes ago, AliY said:

Hello to anyone who got accepted into the nursing program at NVCC please if you don’t mind sharing what your grades were and if you had all the coreqs completed? Please! It would mean a lot! Thank you!!

Hi AliY! I’m currently in my second semester of the nursing program and happy to help ? 

I got all A’s except for Stats and Nutrition in which I got B’s. I had to take the TEAS and did well on those. Not sure if you have to take those for this round? Feel free to shoot me an email if it’s easier to communicate that way also! 
[email protected]

OMG thank you !! Just emailed you!!

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FrankieV said:

Hey guys, I've checked here a few times to see if you knew anything I might have missed and I just want to say thank you. This thread has kept me sane.

I saw some questions about Mason and I wanted to share what I know, as I went to a co-enrollment lecture a few weeks ago (it says it's for students already in the program on the website but that isn't true, also co-enrollment lectures have the smallest turn out I was 1of 3 people that showed up).

Anyway, I was told that for co-enrollment as soon as you find out you are accepted into Novas nursing program submit an application to GM and then once you get a student ID number immediately put in an application for their nursing co-enrollment program. The woman I spoke to(forgot her name) told me that as far as she knows, they do NOT reject any of those applications. However, the focus needs to be on novas nursing program because if you fail out you will be dropped from co-enrollment. You can reapply but that's starting applications over again.

So once you're in both programs the focus needs to be on Nova and passing everything. Mason's program is all done online as you choose to progress. The first semester they don't ask you to start classes. So most people start second semester of the program with 1 of Mason's classes. If you do that and find it too difficult you can contact your advisor at mason and basically get up to 4 semesters differed. So for me, I will probably take the one Mason class like they recommend second semester of novas nursing program, and take 2-3 in Summer from then on until the program is done. If you choose, you can save most of the courses for after passing novas program. Also she emphasized that it is impossible to graduate from both at the same time.

Things to keep in mind though are GM's nursing prerequisites need to be completed before you graduate with nova. Those are available online on GM's website. It is okay not to have them all done now, just need to be completed before you graduate.

Also, GM has "Mason Core" classes that also need to be completed but those can be completed as you choose.

Like me for example, after this semester I need statistics and global understanding and I'm caught up for GMs core requirements and nursing prerequisites.

One more thing, so after graduating at nova you need to immediately take and pass the NCLEX and show proof to the nursing department at Mason or you will be dropped from the program. The wonderful part about all this is clinicals are all done at NOVA so the online stuff is doable. I have the list and it isn't too long.

Sorry this post is so long but I had a lot to share. One more thing, Vets GM has a $15,000 grant that we can apply for that covers tuition cost at GM so we don't need to use our GI bill there.

Hi I'm not sure if you'll see this message. But I was wondering about graduation for the co enrollment. If I finish my ADN may 2025 and all my courses for my co enrollment at the same time. Can I walk stage that Spring even without my NCLEX? Or do I need to take the NCLEX before graduation? 

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