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Nutrition Prerequisite Course


Hi everyone,

I was recently accepted to Drexel University's ACE Nursing Program for the Spring 2015. The only preq I need to take is Human Nutrition for 3 credits. After contacting Drexel's Nursing Department multiple times, I have yet to receive an answer of what course and where I take it would satisfy the Nutrition requirement.

I was either going to take the University of Phoenix's online Human Nutrition for 3 credits or my local community college's online Nutritional Concepts & Controversies course. I'm pretty sure the University of Phoenix's course will be accepted but I'm not sure if my community college's course will be. Here's the course description:

Ideal for persons confused about nutritional claims advertised in media. Covers identification of reliable sources of nutrition information and overview of basic nutrition principles. Discusses popular and controversial nutrition topics such as immunity, megavitamin therapy, sports nutrition, antioxidants, weight control diets and vegetarianism.

Do you all think that the community college course will be accepted or should I play it safe and just enroll at the University of Phoenix? I would appreciate any thoughts, comments, and suggestions


NurseGirl525, ASN, RN

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I'm interested as to why you think the University of Phoenix's class would transfer? What I would do is call the cc and ask them. They will know if the credits transfer or not better than another school's nursing program. I wouldn't enroll at Phoenix. They are a for profit expensive school.

pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Good day, swimmingfever00:

I would go with an accredited community college over University of Phoenix any day.

Thank you.

I attend Community College of Philadelphia, and I am taking an Intro to Nutrition class this Fall online. This nutrition class satisfies the pre-req requirement for the several colleges I am looking at. I would definitely inquire about taking this course at one of the local community colleges. I also think this will be the cheaper route. Hope this helps!

Also, sometimes on the schools website there is a section that allows you to check which courses are transferable. You might look into that along with calling.

I have to advise to talk to the nursing program and ask if that nutrition program would meet the requirement.. Most of the course descriptions that I've seen are a little more specific for example: {{not how to read labels and information about fad diets :)}}

NUTRITION. A lecture course covering the nutrients for normal growth and

prevention of major chronic diseases, and applied to the selection of food for ingestion, the

metabolic process of digestion, assimilation and absorption, and the applications for health

care providers.

Thanks everyone,

I found a course that should satisfy the requirement

Basic Nutrition: Appropriate for science majors and non-majors, also students pursuing a career in healthcare professions. Examines the fundamentals of nutrition, including nutrient composition of foods; physiological factors influencing nutritional needs; BEHAVIORALarrow-10x10.png considerations related to food intake; nutrient digestion, assimilation, and storage; energy requirements; life cycle requirements; weight management; diet therapy; fad diets; manufactured food; methods used in dietary assessment and nutrition research.

NurseGirl525, ASN, RN

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But what you have to see is if the class transfers or not. It's not just reading a description and going with your gut. The school needs to be regionally accredited and the class must be able to meet the requirements to transfer. Here in Indiana we have a website that tells us which credits transfer to what school. It's something I use often because I wanted to make sure all my prereq classes transferred for when I get my BSN one day. Not every class from my school transferred to every school. But if it is on this website, the school has to accept it. So this isn't going by your gut. Research it.