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NursingCAS is sinking my GPA!


I am applying to several DNP programs, and one of them requires using the NursingCAS application. I received my BSN from a college that offered several NLN challenge exams. I was lucky enough to pass all 5 of them, or so I thought until I noticed something when using NursingCAS.

For those unfamiliar with NursingCAS, you have to input each course individually from your transcript into the NursingCAS system. You also have to submit official transcripts, which they use to verify the information you put into the system. As you add a class, you also add the number of credit hours and the grade received. I noticed when I put in my NLN challenge exam, my "grade" on my transcript was actually a "P" because I had passed the exam. However, it still has credit hours. For example, one of my NLN's was worth 3 credits, with a grade of "P". When I put this into NursingCAS, it is telling me I am getting 0.0 for a 3 credit class, just the same as a person would get 4.0 for an A, 3.0 for a B, etc.

I am very concerned about this, because I am thinking this is going to bring my GPA down considerably, as I have a total of 18 credits that are 0.0 in the NursingCAS system. Does anyone have any advice, or has anyone had a similar experience? If nothing else, how can I tactfully address this in my admission essay?

You should contact the NursingCAS and question this, as they should not have been included. From the Nursing CAS Frequently Asked Questions Education History "What types of courses ARE NOT included in my GPA's" question:

...Additionally, courses with the special classification of Advanced Placement, Audit, Deferred, Pass/Fail,...will not be included in the GPA calculations.


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NursingCas is indeed a nightmare! If you fail a course and repeat it with an A NursingCas will count both the F and the A into the GPA despite the fact that your college/university gives grade forgiveness for the repeated course. NursingCas counts every course ever taken in your college/university history and counts it towards your GPA whether or not it is a nursing pre-requisite. I have had the same situation with my pass/fail courses and I have not received any feedback from them regarding excluding these classes. NursingCas is making it extremely competitive and difficult for qualified candidates to get into nursing programs. I was very interested in University of South Alabama however I have decided not to consider them because NursingCas is painting an inaccurate picture of my GPA.