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Hello all! This is my first time posting in the forums! So here I go...:D

I graduated from TWU Spring 11' and have been unable to obtain employment in my field (health education); so I have decided to go back to school to become a nurse. For the past month, I have been trolling university websites and vigorously searching the net for information pertaining to the nursing school application process. What I have discovered, is that most schools are using the NursingCAS application. It boggles the mind as to why, but unfortunately I must conjure up the energy to go through the NursingCAS application process. So far, I have entered all of my data into the application. After I entered my course data I logged out of NursingCas thinking that my GPA calculation would appear, but it did not. Thereafter, I called NursingCas and spoke with a CS representative who informed me that I would have to pay a fee first in order to see my GPA calculation, which is quite strange. I feel uncomfortable submitting an application without seeing how my GPA has been calculated. It would be horrible if NursingCas fails to calculate my GPA correctly and sends the schools that I am applying to a 2.1 GPA as opposed to a 3.6. So now I am wondering if I should go ahead and send my transcripts directly to the schools I am applying to or just let NursingCas send the information? Does NursingCAS send an electronic copy of your transcript to the schools your applying to or do they only send over what has been entered into the application? I am applying to two accelerated BSN programs where GPA and work experience are the key to being accepted its imperative that my GPA is calculated correctly.

From my experience-->

NursingCAS uses the transcripts you send them to verify GPA and actual courses taken, usually takes a week or two for them to calculate GPA. You should err on the side of caution and send an extra transcript to the programs / universities you plan to apply toward. Nursing CAS I believe breaks down your GPA, one for sciences, and one overall. The nursing school you applied to does not receive that information electronically per say, they have a username and password which allows them to access applications off of Nursing CAS. You have to pay the Nursing CAS fee that is required and ensure that they have your transcripts, because it will take time to process GPA calculations.

Pardon my quick typing :l , I used NursingCAS back for Fall of 2011.

:D Okay, thank you for the info. I'm going to send out my transcripts directly to the programs I'm applying to ASAP. :lol2:
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