Nursing and weight gain :(


Hey fellow Nurses, I just wanted to share because I am sure some of you are having or have had the same experiences as me. Working busy 12 hour shifts, I never really had time to eat so I would graze all day on junk food that families brought in and then hit the drive through on the way home. Too tired to even think about trying to prepare a healthy meal for the next shift...Ugh before I knew it I had packed on the pounds, a lot of them 1f641.png:( feeling miserable I was desperate to get my health back.... I started this incredible program, I eat healthier than I probably have in my life. I love the convenience at work as well. I do 2 shakes a day, which is great because we have a little blender at work, quick and easy and packed with protein and pure nutrition. Then one meal between 400 -600 calories and two 100 calorie snacks. I am so happy to report that I have lost 35lbs and feel amazing. My point is as Nurses we are so busy caring for others that we put ourselves on the backburner. We sacrifice our health for others, it's not fair to us or our families! Just remember to take care of yourself, because you are the only you, you got 1f642.png:)

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Congratulations on your notable weight loss! Also, I commend you on taking action with your health situation and making the appropriate lifestyle changes.


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I like to meal prep for my shifts, and then refuse to eat any food brought in at work. Easier said than done, but I tell myself if I'm not hungry for what I packed, I'm not hungry, plain and simple. Doesn't need to be fancy. Some weeks I'm great at roasting and packing veggies, others not so much.

Quest or Oatmega or Balance bars have a decent macronutrient profile. Shakes, as you've said, esp powder varieties can easily be shaken up in a blender bottle instead of a blender. I'll buy freeze dried fruits at the dollar store, buy organic veggie squeeze-packs of baby food for when I can't seem to get in my produce/fiber needs, and individual packs of nuts at Costco, etc. You can essentially pack a healthy lunch of processed food simply by choosing healthier processed foods. Being protein deficient is what would lead me to stop at Wendy's after work every day, so I try to eat some Almonds or a protein bar or shake an hour or two before leaving work. Eggs when you get home are an awesome and quick way to pound in the protein, or some 'protein pancakes' if you're craving something 'carby'. Protein pasta is another new fave for when I'm craving a carb-heavy meal, especially with sauce I've spruced up with more onions and muchrooms, and turkey meatballs.

I gained about 25 pounds over the holidays last year at work, there's SO MUCH CRAP EVERY DAY. And now I just have a strict 'no work food' policy. It helps that I tend to be really picky, so I can usually get off without hurting anyone's feelings. But yeah unless people are bringing in fruit or veggie trays I try to stay out of it. It's so easy to get stressed at work and eat your feelings.

My take away is that meal prep does NOT have to take hours and hours. An applesauce squeeze pack, a baby food veggie, a pack of nuts, and a soy protein shake and I'm good to go. Couple that with trying to drink enough water (I bring 2L of Seltzer per shift, makes it easier for me) and I'm usually full until I get home. I like to have an extra fruit or veggie (apple or banana) in case I get hungry, or as something I can snack on on the way home. I have emergency stash of Goldfish crackers, too. It's basically a cheat, but it's better than McDonalds or way too much candy.

That's my $.02.

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Quest or Oatmega or Balance bars have a decent macronutrient profile.
I love Quest bars. Certain varieties can be warmed in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds to reproduce the taste of a freshly baked cookie or brownie. Also, you cannot beat the fiber and 20+ grams of protein per bar.