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I don't know if anyone can help me out atall?? Im am currently in my second year of training as a paediatric nurse. When i have finished my training i would like to emmigrate to the USA and work as a paediatric nurse in california.

I am aware that nurses are trained differently in the US-has anyone been in the same position and emmigrated, or know the steps i will need to take to work as a paediatric nurse in the US????

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Thinking you may be training in the UK as you mention you are doing your training as a paeds nurse. Couple of things you need to be aware of, your training more than likely will be short of hours as US training is very much general trained with hours in all areas both theory and practical. The only way to know for sure will be once you have graduated and have a complete set of transcripts the BRN can then make their decision on whether you meet their requirements or not. Secondly the US has been under retrogression for a couple of years and likely to stay that way due to the high demand of visas. There were a couple of universities offering catch up courses once you are qualified but not sure if they are still around, may have to ring around and see once you have completed your training. You will not be able to meet licensure requirements and sit NCLEX without meeting these requirements and may have to think about studying as a guest student in another country to make these hours up. Theory and practical has to be done by a credited facility and generally done at the same time.

Would suggest a good read on here and use the search facility as much has already been written. Now things may change between now and you qualifying regarding visas (but don't think it will change much) but BRN requirements I doubt will change at all and we do recommend that you do not use California for initial licensure as they will destroy your file after 3 years if you do not provide them with a SSN and you will not get that until in the US and working with a valid work visa. Again much has already been written on that


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Thankyou for your reply-i actually was born in the US and lived there with my parents so have a US passport. Therefore i have no issues concerning living there and applying for visas.

My main concern was simply whether or not they will accept my qualification. I have spoken to various people who have informed me that i need to take the licensure examination, and see where that takes me, but the more info i can get about my options the better really!

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The only way would be CES full course by course once you have a complete set of transcripts. We have seen other UK nurses struggle due to their training and others who thought they would have problems but didn't. If your plan is to return to the US once completed then you may be able to go to a local nursing school as a guest to make up any hours if you have to. Universities do differ so hard to predict without getting an eval of your completed transcripts. You will not be able to take the licensure exam without the BRN/BON stating you meet their requirements and they will not do that without a complete set of transcripts and a license from the NMC. Once you apply as a foreign trained nurse it will take approx 4-6 months before you will be able to sit NCLEX

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Licensure and immigration are two very different things. You will need to meet the licensure requirements for the US and they require that you have generalist training in all areas, not specialist as you are doing in the UK.

If you can get the additional hours done while you are in school, then great. Otherwise you will be required to complete the coursework before you will be granted permission to sit for the NCLEX exam.

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