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  1. hey guys,

    I applied for a trainee critical care nurse practitioner job which is a training role, band 6 for 2 years followed by band 7 on completion of a masters which the trust provides. Just wondering whether anyone can offer any specific interview advice? Its a new role for nurse practitioners so there isn't that much information out there.

    In addition to the main part of the interview there is a practical case scenario section too, I am guessing this will probably be associated with the deterioration of an acutely unwell patient and involves going through the usual ABCDE pseudonym.

    I'm fairly junior for the position but they knew that and have decided to give me the interview regardless so I'm guessing this is something I don't need to be too concerned about?

    Any advice much appreciated
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  3. by   XB9S
    Think about blurring of boundaries, recognising limitations and managing the transition into a new role.

    Even though critical care practitioners are a fairly new breed the advanced nurse practitioner isn't so read around advanced practice, the RCN has good stuff on their site and have an awareness of the NMC decision not to regulate advanced practice.

    What can you give to the role, how do you feel about being responsible for making diagnosis and treatment decisions based on your assessment (this should be something that concerns you as the responsibility is huge)

    If your junior I have to ask what your motivation for applying is, this is not a role to take if your not sufficiently experienced or able to fulfil, you will need to sell this at interview.
  4. by   Lunar25
    I think I'm able so assimilate new information and learn rapidly and that is my strongest asset. I will be content with my assessments re patient conditions and decision making because I will have put in the commitment and time prior to coming to that point to ensure I'm adequately prepared and that I have gained the knowledge and experience during the two years I have spent training for it. If I feel like Im not in that position I'd be requesting help and support from someone who has more knowledge in the field be that another nurse practitioner or doctor.

    ^^ is something like that alright.

    I guess my argument is that I've covered so much ground in the little time (3 yrs) I have had available (MSC, writing articles for journals) I have the potential to be extremely effective if given the opportunity to learn and practice.

    Thanks for the help so far
    Do you have any further input?
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  5. by   XB9S
    It sounds fine, but just make sure it sounds genuine rather than what you expect them to hear.

    Yes your junior but this is a trainee post so you would take that opportunity to get as much as possible out of the training.

    Have an awareness of the UK history of advanced practice and think about potential conflicts you may encounter with such a role.

    Do you think this type of post impacts on medical training, if so how. Is that a problem and if so how could you minimise the impact.
  6. by   Lunar25
    Did the nmc decide not to regulate or are they still undergoing that decision. The information online isn't clear and it seems to make alot more sense if they did regulate advanced practice.Thanks, again
  7. by   XB9S

    They have not opened a separate part of the register despite the consultation. It's still being looked at.

    What are your opinions on regulation
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  8. by   Lunar25
    Thanks for all the help! Feeling much more comfortable now. Wish me luck. any advice for the practical scenario?
  9. by   XB9S
    With any practical scenario

    Patient safety first, A,B,C,D assessment and treat as you find

    Once patient is sorted then think education and support for colleagues.

    If you've got an interview then you must feel clinically competent so think about what you would do, use your knowledge but the difference with a ANP post is that you will be diagnosing and decision making at a level you previously wouldn't.
    Where you would usually call for help, you will be in the position of being called as the next level of help. So your decision making needs to reflect that advanced thinking.
  10. by   Lunar25
    Thanks for all the help, I was successful :-)
  11. by   XB9S
    That's great news, congratulations.

    Keep us posted on your process please
  12. by   ElenaPrez
    What is a critical Care nurse practitioner?