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  1. I have been referred to the NMC for making a few mistakes on my first nursing employment, I feel I was bullied by my ward manager who set me unrealistic tasks and made defamatory remarks about me in front of other staff and encouraged HCA's to make false statements about my competence as a nurse , I studied for 3 years at university and graduated my nursing degree .
    and now my nursing career could be over .
    i am totally distressed and humiliated and my future is in tatters .
    the mistakes I made were quite minor and no danger but they have been over dramatised ,
    i feel as if I am a victim of a hate campaign
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    I am sorry you are going through this it must be a very stressful time for you.

    For employers to refer to the NMC they have to provide robust evidence to support the referral and what support and internal processes have been instigated with the registrant. The referral would have needed to be signed off but your Nurse Director and this isn't something they do lightly.

    Are you a member of the RCN or Unison? If so you need to be in contact with them and getting support. The NMC will review the case and make a decision if an investigation is required.

    Depending on what you have been referred for it may be helpful to proactively consider looking at additional training for example if its meds management get yourself onto medicines training or write reflections around the incidents which demonstrates you are prepared to take responsibility for your practice and a recognition of the need for improvement as the NMC process progresses

    The NMC will be looking for reflection and learning, so taking an approach of they are just "minor mistakes" is not going to be helpful, reflect on the incidents, what can you learn from them and take responsibility for your actions.

    It's clear from your post you feel the referral is unfair, and just some impartial advice through this process blaming your ward manager is not going to be helpful for you going through this, get some support from your union, if your not a member it may be worth having a conversation with the local reps as they may take your case retrospectively.
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