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Hi Guys As you know Im at the beggining of this long and winding process and although have done a huge amount of research and got lots of useful information from here I ahve a couple of questions... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from gymgirl
    I am a Practice nurse with an RGN qualification. I have been qualified 15 years. My partner is an electrican and we are both interested in relocating to Seattle, we have family and friends there. I understand there is alot of red tape. I am looking inot taking my NLEX exams but have been told by an agency that community jobs are hard to come by and I would be better off with acute nursing experience, also she said that finding jobs in Seattle may be hard. I am prepared to fid my own job once I have passed my NCLEX. Does anyone else have any ideas or help??? I feel a bit bogged down with red tape and visa stuff!!!
    I would suggest reading the sticky in the International forum called Primer to working in the USA. Also be aware of problems getting your transcripts (seeing as you trained many moons ago) Also on retrogression and looking at several years waiting at the moment. Community jobs are hard but I was able to find a hospital in the US with little problems although now with retrogression it will be harder.

    Just to add I have now decided to stay in Canada and started nurse application process so have cancelled only very recently my US application.
  2. by   suehp
    My situation is a little different as my Husband was medically retired before we moved and he has an injury pension paid every month = so not an issue really for we are lucky in that sense....

    dont think your husband will have too much difficulty getting a job- if he has a good work ethic and a good resume than he should be able to do ok - but you need to research it well....