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Hello everyone, am new to but see that there is great information available, and for this I am greatful as I am a nursing student and am out to learn. One question I have since talking about the UK some, is what are the major health care concerns for this country?




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oh boy thats a can of worms!

major health concerns- well in primary care its mainly diabeties, CHD and COPD. we also have worried about TB- seems to be on the increase as is Hepatitis C.

that do for a start?



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Hey thanks for the information that's great....can you reference me to any articles regarding these issues in the UK.

thanks again, this really helps



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Have you tried the department of health web site?

you can download summaries or the full documents for the NSFs, which could be helpful as they look at some of the major health concerns,

Hope that helps a bit,


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