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Hi everyone! I am about to graduate with my master's in nursing and going to be able to become licensed as a nurse practitioner, but I would like to work as a nurse first to get some experience for a year or two. As such, I'm kind of thinking that why not use the flexibility that comes with that to get some really new experiences?

So I have been doing some cursory googling, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is like to be a nurse in the UK and Canada? Are the responsibilities similar to those in the US? I have been googling pay and know that it is significantly lower in the UK, but is it on par with the cost of living?

Any information would be super appreciated!


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UK pay is not on par with cost of living.

I have worked in both Canada and the UK. For me I get better pay in Canada and the union is stronger in Canada otherwise nursing in either countries has their own way on doing things

read this from UK newspaper The guardian online google-(I moved from Canada to be a nurse in the UK - but now I want to quit)

in summary these are her words 'Undervalued, underpaid and under stress - it's hardly surprising all is not well among Britain's NHS nurses' well said l agree with every thing in this article.

What ever you do, do not forget to read the comments. You will have a deeper understanding of the UK system when you are done with half the comments.

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