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I am a current student in my first year of a nursing program. I know tattoos are not "appreciated" in the workplace and at most hospitals, but I am still concerned about this issue. I have many tattoos, but the most visible being a large tattoo on my finger and a whole sleeve. I feel like during clinicals and even at work one day I will be discriminated. I also hope that in the next few years this issue will be discussed among more hospitals and how ludacris it is to discriminate against one's physical appearance. Anyways, I'm just a young college kid wondering if any nurses out there have many tattoos and how they have affected your career! Thanks

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Simply put, it depends on where you are.

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Tons of threads about this. If you are doing clinicals at many hospitals they have to be covered. May be a problem if the hospital has a no long sleeve policy.

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Either invest in laser removal for your finger tattoo or really good tattoo cover up

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Love sleeves will likely be your day to day wear. I've heard of places that don't allow long sleeves (infection reasons) but there aren't any in my area like that.

The finger might be the issue and removal might be the answer to that one.

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There are a million threads on AN about tattoos and nursing that can offer additional insight. I am a heavily tattooed nursing student, and I have always kept them as covered as possible with long sleeves, even in class. My program does not allow visible tattoos for clinicals, so laser removal is my only option for the one on my hand. I would talk to your clinical coordinator ASAP to ensure that they aren't in opposition to the school or hospital's dress code.