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I am finishing up my requireds and getting ready to go into the nursing program here at a local college.

I wanted a career where I could work with people and give of my self but after reading some of the post here I am a little concerned that I may not have what it takes.

How does one decide? How do you know if dealing with sick/dying patients is something you can do? Is asking that question proof that I shouldn't do this?

Or is there room enough in the field that you may never deal with this?

I feel like i have to eat the whole pie before I can taste it.

(sorry if this was the wrong forum for this)

Katnip, RN

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During school, you're going to have to deal with the sick and dying, and all the gross stuff. But you may surprise yourself.

We had several students in our class who would faint at the slighest things in the beginning. Now, they've gotten over it somehow, and every one of them is going to be an awesome nurse.

I think there are fields out there where you don't have to deal with as much of it, and some maybe none of it. But you still have to wade through the rough stuff to get there.


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is this where I confess that I hate the sight of blood and have been known to faint?! despite this handicap,I have been a nurse for 24yrs.........when it gets tough, its amazing what you can put up with! (then you go and get drunk and cry!!)

good luck!



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if you want to do it, do it.......i was afraid of needles, got over it.....i mean petrified....some smells still gross me out, but white flower oil under the nose helps. you will probably see hardly any blood (er excepted), more bodily fluids other than blood than one thinks possible. i now work both ms and pp and some people don't see how i can handle the smell of lochia....nursing is the kind of profession that after paying some dues (6 mo. to a year of ms) you can usually write your own ticket. as for pay, i make per diem, 44 an hour p.m. of luck....stay positive,,,,


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I found the best experiences were in clinical. At the beginning of nursing school I was convinced that I wanted to become a trauma nurse. Even went so much as to get a nurse tech job at the local trauma 1 hospital. Then I had my peds clinical and found that I really liked working with kids (before this I was hesitant to do peds because I love kids so much and didn't want to see them in pain). I found that Peds was my niche, and I eventually got into a PICU residency program, which involves both my liking to work with children and the high tech part of nursing. In short, take in as much experiences as you can, you will be surprised at how much you can deal with and you might find that one part of nursing that you would never consider, you really enjoy.


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I have to say that I came into this forum with a lot of my fears (my 2 post are less than positive) and I have never seen such a positive response on any forum much less real life.

I think this is a clue to me about nurses in general being people that want to help.

You have all been great thanks for the feedback =)

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