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I literally just received my offer yesterday! So pending my background/references I start in May. I live in northern NJ, the program I went to was in central NJ, and the hospital that hired me is in northern NJ. The good thing is there's a ton of hospitals in NJ and they're not all part of the same system so you can move around until you find somewhere you like :)


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I hear that! And congrats! I went to William Paterson univ for undergrad but my family is from south jersey so ill be living there and going to nursing school in philly. I def wanna move around, hope to be a travel nurse at some point :)


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Beccabsn, which hospital were you hired at?


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Im an adn graduate, just took nclex june 23rd and was offered a hospital position, full time, yesterday in nj. I agree, I worked as an ED PCT, and also did a summer nurse externship. I didnt end up staying at the hospital where I had these experiences, but because I had them on my resume I was considered. Best of luck on your endeavors!!


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One thing to consider is that you need to think outside the box. I am starting a position working corporate health fairs, I have a phone interview next week for a position as an infusion nurse, and I've applied to hundreds of other off-the-wall positions. These aren't in my desired area of nursing (ultimate goal is nurse midwifery), but they pay and they give me some experience. If the CNA to RN thing doesn't work out (and it may not- none of my classmates who worked as CNAs were offered RN positions, and we're BSNs), this is another path to consider. Also remember that when you START somewhere, they may be hiring ADNs, but things change, and they may change in the time that you work there. Never put all of your eggs in one basket.

Good luck!