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Hey guys!

I'm a new member here and I need some advice. I'm still in a BSN nursing school and I'm going to graduate in Dec, 2009. I was wondering when I should start applying for jobs as a new grad. Should I apply before graduating, after graduating but before taking NCLEX, or after getting my license? Thank you all for your thoughts!


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I'd say start as early as possible to get your pick of jobs, especially if you want a speciality, and be able to start as soon as you can, if that's important to you.

I graduated in May and started applying as soon as hospitals would let me - which was generally February or March. I had some interviews in March and April, but the job I got didn't actually tell me I got it until June.

I think the process can move a little faster if you already have graduated or have a license. (and there are some hospitals that will turn you away and say "come back when you've passed the NCLEX) But if you graduate in December and don't apply until after you pass the NCLEX, that might mean you wouldn't start working until the spring or summer. So it depends how anxious you are to start working after graduating. If earning money ASAP is important, than start applying in the fall. But if it's more important to you to focus on your final semester and NCLEX studying before applying, and a paycheck isn't as pressing of an issue, then it can probably wait.

Good luck!

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Start applying now. Don't wait until you've graduated.


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try and get a job as a tech on the floor where you want to work. This will put you miles ahead of your graduating class.

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