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The World Health Organization says that adequate nourishment can raise national productivity levels by 20 percent!

Are there foods that can help with student productivity? What food is good for the brain? eg. studying, etc

Are there foods that students should stay away from - that hurts productivity? eg. foods that can make you sleepy during a test

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A nice variety in your diet is always good. I spent one summer in school (between Jr and Senior yr) working 2 full time jobs. Somehow I ended up eating mostly Harris Teeters German choc cake and potato chips. I gained no weight, but when I went in for a physical, I got an emergency call from the physician....Apparently my diet....led me to severe anemia.

Luckily some tablets, orange juice and real food seemed to cure it.

I love salmon and some websites claim that it increases brain function. I like it because it's filling but doesn't make me want to sleep 20 minutes after I eat it. I also crave cheesecake around finals and give in after the last one is finished. Chocolate makes everything better and I usually find an excuse to share a bag of peanut butter M&Ms for a mid afternoon snack.


Top 10 Brain Foods

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Nice link. I'm glad to see that I enjoy all foods listed...just need to eat them more frequently. My goal right now is to slowly stop choosing a meal based on what "sounds" good and switch to what's good "for me". I can still enjoy the foods I love but choose the healthier options most.

Brain food = kale

I definitely agree, most days I end up eating salads with kale in it, with peppers, celery, pork, mushrooms, cucumbers, lettuce, almonds and an assortment of other veggies.

I will be starting the BScN program at my local college next month and I decided that it's about time I eat healthy and get fit. I've been eating rather healthy meals each day and have been doing cardio an hour a day. (I will soon introduce weight lifting next week)

I've never felt better and I have notice a change in the amount of information I can retain and my overall well being. Definitely is a great idea to eat healthy and to stay healthy especially while in nursing school.

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Pork? In a salad. How do you prepare it. My favorite salad though not necessarily healthy is mesculan greens, raspberries, brie and walnuts. Sometimes swap the raspberries out for dried apricots.

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