Nursing Student Clinicals


I have 2 groups of Junior nursing students in their Med-Surg rotation clinicals, and am looking for some suggestions on activities/objectives for them to complete during their clinical day as well as their observational experiences.

Something along the lines of having to research certain lab values, then report back to the group during post-conference? Or if they are shadowing in the ED or ICU, what are some things they should look for?


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I think being able to connect the dx to the labs is huge. One thing I do with all my clinical students is quiz/ drill them at the start of their shift on orders status of their patients. I prep on all of their patients .... While they prep on their one or two..... But I am experienced. So many of my students have told me how much that helped them learn to seek out the "right" info prior to their clinical ( we don't prep the night before) ....... Because they never new what I was going to ask[emoji23]

I wouldn't dream starting a shift without knowing wound orders, drains ,diet , how they move, what they take for pain etc....but I found the first few weeks they were prepping but had no clue what they needed to know. By the end I couldn't stump them