Which is the best route for me to take? (I NEED SUGGESTIONS)

  1. Ok so I started off as a nursing student at Pace University and was dismissed from program because I failed two classes. I failed the clinical component unjustly, the instructor failed me on the Rhine and Weber test because I didnt ask the patient to let me know when they stopped hearIing the vibration...When I was retested another instructor said that all of my techniques were wrong and not just the question. I was devastated...To make matters worse, I failed another class by 1.5 pts. My appeal was denied and I was dismissed from the program. When I asked if I can reapply I was told that I have to wait a year which will be Spring 2010 but I wont be able to enter program again until Fall 2010. I am not sure if attending Pace will be a good idea and I am looking to go to another college. I am still a student there, I have taken all of my prereqs, yet I am in the process of trying to boost my GPA so that schools will accept me.

    My question is what should I do in the mean time? Should I get a BA in something like liberal arts and apply to an accelerated program (have to take GRE), should I apply to an ASN program get my RN and THEN go to BSN program and have hospital pay, or go straight to BSN program.

    FYI I am a 28 year old single mother of a six year old and I have 60 credits from Pace already.
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  3. by   Chapis
    i would apply to an adn program, but hopefully there's no waiting list. good luck
  4. by   BigDreams81
    Thank you Chapis =)
  5. by   ee5620
    I second that motion you allready have 60 credits and if you apply for a university for a BSN I don't think you would qualify for financial aid. So, try other colleges and see what happens if you have a son to take care, I will have you on my prayers.
  6. by   yesdog
    I have to ask....I am just speechless....You failed a class because you did the Webber and Rhine wrong? Are you kidding me? I find that really hard to believe. If it is true, your program was insane and I am truly sorry.
  7. by   BigDreams81
    Everyone thought that this was insane even the doctor that I work for...I went through the entire head and neck examination and the instructor said that she CANT pass me because I didnt ask the question properly and I would have to do it again the following week with another professor (who is known for failing everyone just because she's having a bad day). Any I had 3 other validations (examinations) to do the next week which was the week before clinical started and I was so excited. When I was told that I had to revalidate with this woman I said a prayer and tried to think positive but I was so nervous, I was shaking. I did a total of four validations (Head and Neck, Neuro, Abdominal, and Chest) I did the one that I failed first just to get it out the way. You only get two chances. Then I continued with the others. The professor got up in the middle of my validation and started talking to another professor that wanted to speak to her then she came back and said that I was taking too long and started rushing me??? Once I was finished she told me that she was failing me on the head and neck exam because all of my techniques were wrong. I started crying hysterically b/c I knew this meant an F in the class and I was looking forward to starting clinicals. I asked how could this be possible when the other professor never said that there was anything wrong with my techniques.

    So this is why I feel like going to another school is best. I just feel like I've wasted so much time. I was really looking forward to graduating from a University b/c I wanted to feel like I accomplished something big. But now going to a two year college makes feel like I'm moving backwards.

    I keep reading that it doesnt matter if you have an ADN or a BSN as far as pay but I didnt want to have to worry about going for a BSN while working full time as a nurse. If I went back to school I wanted it to be for my masters.

    Anyway I truely appreciate everyone's advice. Being a single mother is hard and the fact that Im getting ready to turn 30 in 2 yrs I wanted to make the best decision for me and my son's future.
  8. by   yesdog
    I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience. I can totally understand why you wouldn't want to go back to that school. I sure wouldn't! My school was nothing like that. Our instructors wanted us to pass. If we didn't know how to do something, they worked with us until we got it right. We were nurtured. That is really sad that instructors think they have to be so hard. People learn in different ways and at different paces. I want to be an instructor after I become an expert nurse. I will never be like your instructors! I will want my students to succeed! Well....I wish you luck in the future. You can do it!!!!