Websites w/ video procedures?

  1. I swear at one time someone posted a link to a site that had various nursing procedures that you could watch on video for free (like they show at school). Does anyone have any links for any sites like this?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i think the site you're referring to was for the central ohio technical college. they restricted entry to their website to their students with pin access. the moderators removed the thread that had weblinks to video procedures. i have a few weblinks that i bookmarked that i think work: - videos of physical examination procedures for medical students from the university of florida - the first link on the page is to a video on how to take vital signs - videos of physical examination procedures from the university of virginia that includes video on taking vital signs. - videos on how to take vital signs - listing of videos of procedures and skills from er nurse, some paramedic skills here also - although most of these links are to a page that lists the steps in these procedures, recently they have posted links to videos of the procedures for students to view. - "taking care of your wound" video - from harrisburg area community college. click on videos to see movies of various iv procedures, ng tubes, and wound packing. will need a real one player to view. site states you can download a free version of the player. heparin well, piggyback, iv push, ampules, pediatric medication administration, pediatric iv administration with soluset. - from harrisburg area community college more videos of nursing procedures. this site includes links to videos on bandaging, bedmaking, enemas, iv therapy, medication administration (most all routes of administration are addressed), ng tubes, nursing skills (sterile gloving and dressing, dressing change, straight catheterization, indwelling catheter and rom), physical assessment and positioning - tracheostomy care. good pictures. includes links to videos of trach care. - index of video lectures on nursing procedures. iv piggyback meds, trach cleaning, catheters, injections, starting ivs, and ng tube insertion.
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    I didn't start this thread but wanted to say "Thank You" to Daytonite. Those are some very good sites.
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    wow, this is the second time in a few days you have provided me with valuable information!! Thanks! You are a walking wealth of info!:spin: