Visual OB Study Aides.

  1. So,
    I am going to be a 3rd semester nursing student soon... And I have heard that OB at my school is EXTREMELY hard- (people who normally get A's are barely passing), and that the students must teach themselves by reading the book.

    I do NOT learn by just reading something, I need to see it visually...

    Does anyone know of any websites or study materials I could use to get a head start on learning OB (mother-baby) concepts? Besides ATI?

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  3. by   diana2520
    you can always try YOUTUBE whatever topic, practice using one of the nclex books, questions are pretty similar and that's what helped me, ended up with a B in that class
  4. by   BelleNscrubs04
    I would try the "incredibly easy" maternal child book. They are usually helpful, have lots of cute, memorable pictures and you can probably buy a used copy on amazon for just a few dollars if your library doesn't have a copy.
  5. by   shannonc3983
    I agree with "diana",YOUTUBE is a lifesaver if you are trying to get a visual idea of a topic that you just can't seem to grasp through reading. keep your computer close by while you read the assigned chapters, and when you come across something you don't understand, or simply want to understand better, type it in the search bar.

    Also, google can help tremendously with high-risk pregnancies, newborn and postpartum assessments - they'll walk you right through it - Visually!

    hope that helps!

    Good Luck :-)