Units for SC shot

  1. I'm trying to interpret something and I think I'm confusing myself.
    I have to determine if a med was in the safe range for a practice question. It is for Epoetin. Pt weight is 57.8 kg. 100 units/kg 3 times weekly. When I multiply the 100 units against his body weight in kilograms, I get 5,780U. Can units be given in non whole numbers? The patient was prescribed for 6000U. Does this make sense? I think I'm too tired to think anymore for the day. I'm confused.
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  3. by   augigi
    I'd call the weight 58kg, and aim for 5800. Depends what type of packaging you're using - if you're using the 10 000 u/ml multidose vial, you should be able to draw up 0.58 mls for the correct dose. On the other hand, rounding to 6000u is less than +5%, so may be acceptable to the doctor. I'd ask the doc if I was unsure.
  4. by   Daytonite
    Yes, the dosage ordered, 6000 units, is in the safe range. While 100 units/kg three times a week is the usual dose, it can be increased up to 300 units/kg three times a week and still be within a safe range. In coming to your conclusion as to whether or not this is a safe dose for the patient, you are calculating correctly. You take the patient's weight in kg and multiply it by 100 units/kg which is the normal recommended dose to come up with 5780 units. At 300 units, the dose would be 17,340. So, the safe dosage range for this patient would be anywhere from 5780 to 17,340 units. The 6,000 units the doctor has ordered is within that range.